Gary McCarthy is an accomplished and experienced shirt maker with 30 years experience of cutting and making bespoke shirts to the highest standards. After a long period of making shirts on behalf of well known shirt-makers in London’s West End, Gary is available to cater for private customers.

Bespoke Shirts

Gary hand tailors shirts for everyday use or for formal occassions to your precise specifications. Your choice of fabric, styles, and detailing.

Bespoke Ties

A selection of ties is maintained from stock in standard sizes. In addition, Gary caters for those who may require a variation in blade width or the length of a tie to maintain proportion with the rest of an outfit. A variety of silks are available.

Women’s Wear

Women’s shirts/blouses are also a small part of the business, a different set of skills are required to measure, cut and construct a garment for the female form. The same exact process of consultation, fabric selection, choosing details takes place with the shirt/blouse tailored accordingly.


Only the finest materials are used and an enormous selection of two-fold Cotton Poplins, Royal Oxfords, Voiles and Sea Island Cottons are available in a vast range of colours and patterns, from the traditional to the more lively designs, comparable to those of contemporary designers.
Only the finest materials are used in a G. J. McCarthy Shirt



All cotton fabrics may be made into pyjamas and underwear, again cut according to a customer’s requirements and fully bespoke.

Garment Care

A repair service is available for shirts and other garments that are showing signs of wear and tear. This may include replacement of a collar or cuffs and adjustment for changes in size. Please contact Gary to discuss your specific requirements.